September 29, 2013

Frozen (2013) in Theaters This Thanksgiving


I chuckled so much as I watched Olaf attempt to save his massive carrot nose from Sven on an icy lake in the city of Arendelle. If this is any indication as to how funny Disney’s new Thanksgiving released movie “Frozen” is going to be, I know my kids can’t wait. Check out the clip below.

It didn’t take too long for me to find the official trailer and play if for the boys. Oh they squealed with oohhhs and ahhhhs! Geordan said, “Mom, we need to see Frozen, it’s wintry, there’s snow, and it’s adventurous!” He got all that from the trailer! Way to go Disney! I guess you know what we’ll be doing this Thanksgiving!

“Frozen” will be in 3D in theaters November 27, 2013

Will you be taking your kids?


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  • kim bim

    Thanks for sharing, This is going to be very interesting am def taking my kids to watch.

    • SunShine Malone

      Sure thing Kim! We can’t wait!

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